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Going global with INPACT

Nordic C-Management is thrilled to announce it has become part of an award-winning international alliance of accounting firms; INPACT. Whether our clients want to expand overseas or a company in one of alliance’s 67 member countries is wondering if they should take their business to the Nordic region, with INPACT it is now made in to a more convenient and trustworthy process.

Becomin part of INPACT

INPACT was founded in 1989 and has steadily grown ever since with a goal of having a member country in every major business centre in the world. Though keeping their goal on mind, INPACT does not accept new members in lightly. Wanting to join the organization, companies must meet with the extremely strict membership criteria related to size, range of services, local reputation and shared core values.
Specifically, INPACT Global Board Chair was impressed by Nordic C-Management’s focus on client care driven by distinctive approach to personal service. The Nordic region has a lot to offer when it comes to new business opportunities and our company is excited to be part of making this region more visible globally. INPACT already has members around Europe, Middle East, Africa, North America, Asia Pacific and Central and South America.

Adding value to our clients

INPACT provides Nordic C-Management a platform for cooperation, learning and sharing within independent, non-competing accounting firms worldwide. INPACT membership brings true value to our current and future clients by having access to trusted expertise in all of the 67 countries across the globe. Members work hand in hand to share companies or private individuals the best possible knowledge and connections when wanting to move overseas with their businesses or simply if they need sophisticated advice provided across borders.
By becoming part of this highly respected alliance our clients will receive added value in the form of information, connections and services. To us being part of INPACT means understanding the challenges and opportunities of our ever-changing global marketplace and wanting to help our clients reach their goals without having to spend unnecessary time doing research about different regulations, laws and business cultures.

Are you planning on expanding your business globally or just wondering whether you should change your accounting under Nordic C-Management? Don’t hesitate to book an appointment by contacting our customer service!